Medical directory


The medical directory that BOPTEL offers you consists in grouping together the addresses of the structures and people working in the healthcare field. This directory includes both public and private structures. It is organized alphabetically. The display is dynamic. You will find by name, address, contact and geolocation of each entry.

Why this directory?

You are not aware that the company Go Africa Online and the public directory already offers this service. We bring a special touch by noting only the field of health. So the search for information is faster. You reach your request in a few seconds. Besides, it is completely free.

How to integrate the directory?

It’s easy. You find in the site links everywhere that invites you to enter your information. Only you must be registered beforehand. But this does not absurdly take time. It’s within seconds without any need for confirmation. Once the connection is successful, well, you just have to enter your information. we work to take you further than you think. See you in the directory.