Digital archiving

Digital archiving is a system that transforms your physical documents into digital files. In other words, it’s scanning all media. The mechanism is done using a computer and a machine capable of scanning. Scanned files are stored in a defined location during the scan.

The service of BOPTEL called “DIGITAL POWER” takes again this concept already in activity then added for its part extended options and making the concept even more attractive. Indeed, scanning physical documents is not enough. At this point, the digital archiving activity would have no scope. Because it is a task that anyone who knows how to manipulate the computer can achieve. DIGITAL POWER stands out through several aspects:

  • The scanned files are readable by the computer: by default the scanning of a document is done with an output in image, even if the document is in PDF. For this to be feasible, advanced techniques must be used to recognize the letters on the image.
  • The content of each scanned document is accessible in noisy text: We create for all scanned documents a text file which contains the textual data of the document in question
  • An application for reading and searching with scanning: we deliver the work at the end with an application that will help you handle the scanned files.

The benefits of digital archiving

The benefits of digital archiving are enormous. Nevertheless, let us quote some:

  • Scanned files can be stored longer
  • The files are accessible from various communication media (computer, smartphone, tablet ….)
  • The documents are protect against fire and various other means of accidental destruction
  • Double preservation guarantees you a lifetime of accessibility
  • Workspace saving
  • More productivity
  • The ability to grant / remove file access rights at will
  • And …

According to all of this, we can said that digital archiving is the means of preservation that guarantees the future. So, do not hesitate anymore! Contact us to learn more about our offers.