Communication nowadays is an important factor in the life of any business. It allows integration and exchange in real time. The communication is seen from various angles. In order to let your products and services been known, you need communication; to make the business work as well as you need, communication should be at your hands. That’s why BOPTEL follows you throughout the life of your business by offering you adequate communication solutions.

One of the flagship products of the company BOPTEL, the fleet Pro-health is a communication system designed to facilitate the exchange between people together within the same communication network. Among other things, it makes it possible to reduce the communication blow for the people inside.

Launched in February 2016, the fleet counts today more than thousand (1000) registered people. It never ceases to seduce the world who hears it, so the service is quality and the expectations filled.

What is this fleet made of?

It is a partnership with the communication leader, Togocel, which has agreed to provide this service to help businesses in need. This fleet covers the entire territory of Togo and allows you to communicate without limit. You also receive a communication credit of 2000 F CFA each month for call out of the fleet.

What are the conditions of membership?

To subscribe to the Pro-Health service, you just need to register with our agents and thus register indirectly to Togocel. You then pay an amount of 5000 F CFA at the beginning of each month in order to keep the state of your assets.

Is there a commitment to this service?

There is no text that requires you in the service. Your subscription is the only condition that connects you to us. You are free to leave at any time without obligation or compensation. The only obligation you have is to renew your subscription at will if you decide to continue the journey with us.

Until when will this service end?

The service continues as long as you meet the basic conditions (ie renew the subscription). You will always be in the fleet and we ensure the smooth operation with the partner.

More information and contact

For further information or clarification, please contact the sales manager, Miss Kékangui Fatima at 90 50 84 80

See the letter of recommendation from the Ministry of Health