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  • Aug
  • 2018
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Towards a health revolution

Health has for a long time been a relegated domain in Togo. This behavior is due to the fact that most of the population, especially the better-off, prefer to be treated abroad because of the advanced technological tools these structures possess. Over the years, the local medical community is beginning to worry about the lack of health facilities. Thus, in 2008, repeated strikes by the medical staff finally awakened the collective consciousness of this scourge. The government has since launched work to improve living conditions and the working environment. But these efforts are still insufficient due to the lack of importance given by leaders in this sector. This is how private initiatives were born to contribute a little time to the development of the health sector.

It all started with a team of young people grouped around the mobilelabo project. This initiative had the merit of winning the first start-up prize from the Total oil group in 2016, as it was one of the first to think about the well-being of the population and to use advanced technologies to achieve this. Other initiatives like this one exist in the field of health and deserve to be accompanied in order to meet the challenges that await us.

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